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Auchtergaven and Moneydie

AUCHTERGAVEN There has been a Church building on the same site from the time of the Scottish Reformation in the 10 Century ... the present building (in simple Gothic style with pointed windows and a crenellated parapet on the tower) is the third on the site and was erected in 1812. The pipe organ was installed in 1906. There was another Church of Scotland in this Parish, at Logiebride, where only a graveyard exists today. It was united with Auchtergaven in 1647. MONEYDIE Prior to the Scottish Reformation (1560) Moneydie was a parsonage connected with Dunkeld. (In the 1400's the Bishop of Dunkeld was the priest of Moneydie)

The Parish of MONEYDIE was united with that of AUCHTERGAVEN in 1979 to form Auchtergaven & Moneydie Parish Church, with the Moneydie Church building not being used since then. At the turn of the century Bankfoot also had other Church Congregations and Buildings: a United Presbyterian Church; a Free Church; an Episcopal Church and a Roman Catholic Chapel... as well as a Gospel Hall, which is now the Masonic Hall. In 1900 the U P and the Free Churches united to form Auchtergaven United Free Church and in 1936 a further union took place with Auchtergaven Parish Church. The present Church Hall was the former UF Church.
The Church burned down on 25th February 2004. It was subsequently replaced with a new Church Centre which incorporates many community and ecological features.

Website: Auchtergaven and Moneydie Website.


Vacant - Interim Moderator Rev James C Stewart
Tel: 01738 624167

Primary Contacts

Elder: Mr Thomas Drennan

Session Clerk: Mrs Alice Melville


Auchtergaven and Moneydie Parish Church
Bankfoot Church Centre, Bankfoot, PH1 4BS
Office: 01738 788017