Planning and Deployment

Convener – Rev Karen Fenwick

a)     To promote a positive policy for the mission of Presbytery by taking account of changing congregational resources and social patterns as they relate to the Presbytery Mission Plan Act, 2021.

b)    To oversee the deployment of Readers, Auxiliary Ministers, Ordained Local Ministers and Local Worship Leaders. 

c)     To approve locally funded Ministry appointments.

d)    To receive and consider all requests for adjustments to parish boundaries and to negotiate such adjustments with Kirk Sessions.

Planning and Deployment Subgroups

Implementation/Negotiation Groups (Five)

To organise the implementation of the readjustment decisions agreed in the approved Plans of the legacy Presbyteries in each of the five areas of the former Presbyteries initially OR, where applicable, to continue to seek agreement with PMPIG and the General Trustees in order to have a Plan for a specific area of Presbytery approved.  

New Mission Plan Group

To draw up the new Presbytery Mission Plan for presentation to Presbytery.

Review Group 

To undertake the annual review of the Presbytery Mission Plan.