Mission Action

Convener – Rev Drew Barrie

    1. To maintain an overall focus for mission in congregations and to highlight its fundamental relationships with worship, service, education and nurture 
    2. To support continued Christian development in congregations through resourcing and encouraging growth of educated and equipped disciples.
    3. To take the lead in resourcing mission to the under 40s. 
    4. To promote good missional practice through holding events where practitioners share ideas and experiences.
    5. To provide a framework for pastoral support as required for: Parish Ministers, Readers, OLMs, Auxiliary Ministers, Deacons, Locums, Retired Ministers, MDS, locally employed parish workers and the congregations in which they are deployed. 
    6. To promote recruitment to all ministries.
    7. To provide pastoral support as required and supervision for candidates for all ministries during their training and up to their appointment or ordination. 
    8. To ensure that adequate support is given through named individuals to those in ministry in their first five years.
    9. To approve Ministers’ applications for Study Leave.
    10. To provide training for Interim Moderators and Worship Leaders.