Support Committees

Congregational Support

Convener – Mrs Margaret McVean

(a)   To act as the Superintendence Committee in terms of Act I 2011 Local Church Review and all other acts of General Assembly which assign duties to a Presbytery Superintendence Committee.

(b)  To make arrangements for Local Church Reviews, including scheme of visitation, team composition and training, ensuring consistent follow-up of action plans, in consultation with other relevant Committees.

(c)   To arrange the Annual Inspection of Congregational Records. 



Convener – Rev Mike Goss

To be the lead agency for Safeguarding in the Presbytery; ensuring that Kirk Sessions implement the Church’s Safeguarding Policy, and adhere to the Code of Good Practice;  recruiting and supporting Presbytery Safeguarding trainers and coordinators; providing training and support for Safeguarding in local expressions of church.

Connections and Nominations

Convener - Mr Dan Gunn

(a)   To build connections and relationships across Presbytery through activities which encourage good communications and foster friendship and collegiate working.

(b)  To bring forward to Presbytery names for appointment to committees and Presbytery positions, including but not limited to, the Moderator of Presbytery and the Conveners of committees, including nominating balancing and additional elders, corresponding members and administering annual review of ministries registration categories in accordance with General Assembly legislation.

(c)   To encourage and promote prayer, and opportunities for prayer, for and within the Presbytery and among its members.


Vacancy Procedure Committee

    1. To discharge the responsibilities of Presbytery in relation to any relevant Vacancy Procedures legislation, including Act VIII (2003) (as amended) and Act 1 (2015) (as amended).
    2. In accordance with Section 1(1) of the Vacancy Procedure Act (Act VIII 2003), the Vacancy Procedure Committee for all vacancies shall comprise the Conveners of the following Committees: Stewardship, Finance and Property, Planning and Deployment, Congregational Support and Safeguarding, Pastoral Support and Training.  In the absence of any such Convener, the Vice Convener, or another member of the relevant Committee, may be asked to act in their place.
    3. The Presbytery Clerk shall act as Clerk to the committee, but shall have no vote.    In practice the Clerk shall generally act for the Moderator, consulting the VPC when decisions are required in relation to vacant charges. In accordance with Section 1(4) of the Vacancy Procedure Act, this consultation may take place by electronic means.

Complaints Committee

(a)   To act as the Presbytery’s Complaints Committee.

(b)   To deal with matters arising under the Church’s discipline legislation.

(c).  The committee shall be composed of the Moderator, Clerk and Business Convener who shall appoint a specific Complaints Committee to deal with complaints as and when required.