Finance and Stewardship Committee 

Finance and Stewardship


a) To undertake the annual inspection of Congregational Accounts in accordance with the regulations of the General Assembly concerning congregational finance and the requirements of the Officer of Scottish Charity Regulator.

b) To advise the Presbytery Treasurer/Congregational Support Officer of any issues arising from the inspection of Accounts so they can assist congregations accordingly.

c) To arrange for the completion of Financial Schedules in connection with vacancies.

d) To work with the Presbytery Treasurer to prepare the Presbytery Budget for the coming year at its end of year meeting.

e) To work with the Presbytery Treasurer to administer Presbytery Finances, including submitting the Annual Report and Accounts for Presbytery approval at the June Presbytery meeting.

f) To work with the Presbytery Treasurer to determine the annual Congregational Assessments (dues) and report to Presbytery for approval at its end of year meeting.

g) To Inform and encourage congregations in all aspects of Stewardship including the use of material provided by the Stewardship and Finance department of the church and assistance of the Church’s Stewardship Consultants.

h) To administer a ”pool” of independent examiners and auditors that congregations can call on as required.

i) To create and maintain a database of external grant funding available to congregations.

j) To support the Congregational Support Officer in their work