Finance and Stewardship Committee 

Property Committee

Finance and Stewardship Committee - Convener Elizabeth Kidd

Finance and Stewardship under Elizabeth Kidd

a)     To undertake the annual inspection of congregational accounts in accordance with the regulations of the General Assembly concerning congregational finance and the requirements of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.

b)    To arrange for the completion of financial schedules in connection with vacancies.

c)     To liaise with congregations in relation to their Giving to Grow allocations and to investigate any shortfalls.

d)    To provide the Presbytery Treasurer with such statistics as are necessary for calculating annual congregational assessments/dues, and to determine annual congregational assessments/dues.

e)    To inform and encourage congregations in all aspects of stewardship including the use of the materials provided by the Stewardship and Finance Department of the Church and the advice and assistance of the Church’s Stewardship Consultants.

f)      To undertake the annual inspection of Ministers’ Log Books. 

Property Committee  - Convener  Ian McVean

g)     To undertake annually a due diligence examination of Property Registers and Manse Condition Schedules of church properties within the Presbytery bounds.

h)    To be the Committee through which the Presbytery Buildings Officer reports to Presbytery, and to set and oversee the operational direction of the work of the Presbytery Buildings officer on a day-to-day basis. [Note: Line management of the Presbytery Buildings Officer is exercised by the General Trustees.]

i)      To receive from the Presbytery Buildings Officer the professional surveys of all buildings within the Presbytery bounds. 

j)      To arrange the required inspection of manses in times of vacancy.

k)     To provide oversight and guidance with regard to all church properties within the Presbytery bounds, in particular ensuring that congregations obtain the necessary permissions, including the permission of Presbytery and the General Trustees as per the limits in the Presbytery’s Standing Orders, before undertaking programmes of work.

l)      To advise and help process applications for grants and loans in relation to property work.

m)   To work with the Buildings Officer in advising on good practice and provide information on Health and Safety matters.